Get a tee signed by every pro rider in the business...

Bid on thisMountain Biking UK x AnyForty tee signed by all the top riders including…


■ Steve Peat ■ Gee Atherton ■ Rachel Atherton ■ Dan Atherton ■ Greg Minnaar ■ Jamie Goldman ■ Brian Lopes ■ Chris Kovarik

■ Chris Smith ■ Ray Samson ■ Sam Pilgrim ■ Josh Bryceland ■ Richard Cunynghame ■ Will Longden ■ Clay Porter ■ Dave

Wardell ■ Martin Ogden ■ Romain Salidini ■ Blake Samson ■ Neil Donoghue ■ Gary Penman ■ Ruaridh Cunningham ■ Grant

‘Chopper’ Fielder ■ Ricky Crompton ■ Martyn Ashton ■ Lance McDermott

And some more we can’t quite make out!!

Want this MBUK T-shirt? Of course you do. Our Jamer made it his mission at BikeRadar Live to get it signed by every top pro in the business. Now we’re auctioning it on ebay to raise money for a worthy cause…

Catch 22 Pedal work with kids from the tough parts of Nottingham to keep them on the straight and narrow, by getting them into bikes. More than 150 teenagers go through the scheme every year and are shown the basics of how to build and maintain bikes, and how to amp up their riding skills, on and off road.

Catch 22 Pedal is part of the Catch 22 national young people’s charity. More than 70 per cent of the young people who take part in the charity’s education and training schemes go on to start work or further study within a month of leaving. But Catch 22 relies completely on donations and that’s where you lot come in.

Our exclusive MBUK tees normally sell for £17.99. But this one, which has been signed by the Greatest Rider of All Time – Steve Peat, and World Champ Gee Atheron, along with dozens of other top pro riders, has a teeny starting price of just £9.99.

All profits from this auction will go to Catch 22, and our nice bosses at Future Publishing will match every penny the auction raises too.


Want to bid on this unique, priceless item? You can place your bid right now or have a go at sniping at the end – if you’re man enough.