Beers go here, keys go here…

Get your free MBUK bottle opener keyring

Now, we know you don’t need an excuse to buy the new issue of MBUK.


But, in case you’re on Christmas shopping ‘duty’ this week, we thought we’d give you a few reasons to slip out and grab it when you’re supposed to be queuing up for novelty slippers in Debenhams.

Reason number 1: It comes with a mint bottle opener/ keyring. Yes, this handy tool will see you through the office Christmas party, and help you get back in the house afterwards.

Reason number 2: The new issue of MBUK has the full lowdown on the best starter bikes you can buy right now. So there’s still time to stick them on your Christmas list!

Reason number 3: Dogs vs bikes. Yes, you read that right. We’ll reveal more about this little gem on Wednesday…

Reason number 4: Steve Peat. We get the inside scoop on the bike he rode to victory in this year’s World Championships.

Reason number 5: Winter wonderland. Want to see the prettiest trail pictures we’ve seen all year? Then look no further.


Your Christmas issue of MBUK hits the shops on Wednesday. Want to make sure you never miss an issue again? Then subscribe now!