Bikes, bells and beer

Hovis London Freewheel highlights


As I type this I’m winding down after a long day riding around London for the Hovis Freewheel and interviewing cyclists taking part for
But, let’s face it, there are worse ways to earn a living. Here are my highlights from the event:


– Decorating my bike with streamers for the first time since I was about five. They were part of the kit for signing up, and I draw some bemused looks on the train to London as I cut everything out and sticky-taped it together.
– Spotting the weird and wonderful cycles which got an airing, including a fair few recumbents and one contraption which appeared to be a stool on rollerskates.
– Donating my rarely-used puncture repair kit to a glum BMXer who was flummoxed by the lack of 20 inch tubes available at the Freewheel repairs centre.
– Seeing children cycling in central London without a care in the world apart from staying in a straight line.
– Joining in with the spontaneous outbursts of bell ringing and yelling, particularly as we whizzed through the underpassses.
– Munching on my free Hovis-sponsored sandwich. It wasn’t great, but after two hours cycling I didn’t care anyway.
– Narrowly avoiding collisions with all the wobblers who obviously hadn’t been out in years – good on them I say.
– And finally, that well-earned beer on the train home.


Roll on next year!