Binning it for beans

Loretz reflects on the power of thought

Binning it for beans

We all hear sports people talk about the importance of concentration in their endeavours, from Lewis Hamilton being inch perfect lap after lap at 200mph or Tom Daily getting his tucks and twists in before the water arrives.


It also applies, you’ll not be surprised to know, to mountain bikers. However, when you do something a lot, it’s all too easy to let the mind drift a bit.

Which is just what happened to me while out testing a bike the other day.

After two hours of screaming around the local rock infested singletrack without putting so much as a single tread wrong, I made the fatal mistake of thinking about beans on toast and a cup of steaming tea.

This simple thought must have only flashed across my consciousness for a split second, but it happened to be a split second where I was thumping down a rocky chute that was covered in fallen leaves.

I didn’t see the slick root which knifed the front tyre. I just remember trying to get my left hand off the bar and to grab the dry stone wall on my left. I managed to get my hand to the wall in a nanosecond, but the wrong way around and managed to take three big chunks of knuckle off.

I was mad with myself for being so stupid as to let a simple food based day dream ruin not just my day, but the next two weeks as well.

The hand is scabbing well, but because the scabs are on knuckles which flex, the scab keeps breaking. Yeeugh.

Just remember, it may only be a bit of nothing singletrack to you, but just let another thought in your head for a second and it can still have you.