Ric's Zaskar takes it back to the old-school...

Element bars and a Charge post have given Ric's Zaskar some old-school bling.

It’s a good feeling – rolling into work on a blisteringly hot Monday morning with your chrome handlebars glinting in the sun. Well, I think it is anyway…


With my long-term GT Zaskar and myself both limbering up for our very first enduro it’s been a high mileage few weeks. I’ve been nothing but impressed with the carbon hardtail since I took delivery back in the snowy depths of winter.

So with the Clic24 looming on the horizon I reckoned that the Zaskar could do with some tarting up and a few treats after a winter of slogging it.

I’ve been running some Titec Flat-Tracker bars of late and have been enjoying the combination of zero rise, decent sweep and ample width. Riding High UK popped in a few weeks ago however with a pair of Element’s new Nickel WIDE bars in limited edition chrome finish. This got me thinking…

The Zaskar is an old-school icon so why not get a healthy dose of the ultimate old-school material on the go?! Charge Bikes then sorted me out with one of their achingly cool Chopstick seat-posts also in tasty mirrored silver.


Keep an eye out for the GT in MBUK Machines over the next few months to see how she’ll shape up in final race-trim.