DMR’s Mike Smith hits up Auto Saloon in Switzerland

Hi guys, Over the next few months I’ll be travelling round a fair bit hitting up Dirt, Street and Slopestyle events- so I thought it would be a good idea to keep you posted… Mike Smith DMR Bikes

Last minute shows are becoming more and more frequent, and this time I had to get myself out to Switzerland for the Geneva Motor Show where Nissan were pushing their Outdoor Off-Road experience.


Arrived Monday 3 March at Geneva airport after a short flight to find myself looking at one of the biggest halls I have ever seen. I had to lug my bike bag and two weeks’ worth of kit up a massive flight of stairs and walk for a good ten minutes before I found the NissanAdventurePark which happens to be outside. It’s got an off-road obstacle course around the snow and dirt jumps, a pretty crazy snow board/ski jump and some wooden kickers to gravel/hard core landings.

The first day it rained so much and we had to wood down so we could clear the jumps, they’re not even that big but the run in is so steep and short you get no speed. On the second day we were able to trick the jumps a lot easier, Andi Whitman was doing nose in twist’s to whips, Rob J was doing some big 360 tables and I did a few twists and tuck no-handers.

The English guys turned up yesterday to the cold windy weather just after our last show with the German’s to inspect the jumps and to see our modified roll in. We had to put six pallets on top of the roll-in just to get more speed. After we did we had much more fun- and more tricks were pulled.


Ollie Fielder, Grant Fielder and Chris Smith are here for the second week – I’ll keep you updated with photos…