Doddy and Jamer luzz £8000 in the River Avon…

Well, not quite... There's been a lot of rain in Bath of late, and the river that runs past MBUK Towers has a handy hand rail that lets us know just how high the river is.

With half the office glued to the window laughing, Jamer and I soon realised how hard the job in hand was- all we needed to do was ride about 200metres along the riverside and up the ramp towards the office for a round of applause.


Except the current was so strong that making headway was nearly impossible- My foolish choice of using my Intense Socom bike meant I could barely turn the pedals over, and my front wheel spent most the time off the floor. The added resistance of my RRP front mud guard just made things worse- and I was forced to take the challenge out the saddle grimmacing like a rubber faced fool.




It Floats!

Jamer however, was far better prepared- he was twiddling the gears away on his Scott longtermer, and was even clipped in- but he still complained. I don’t know why he complained though as he was wearing waterproof shorts and a jacket, and as a result was nice and toasty. I was soaked to the skin in Troy Lee race kit and some daft shoes designed to let water in. My feet were so cold they were burning.

Once we saw the last 30 ft, we picked up the pace a bit to show the office boyos we meant business and thundered out the water to a round of applause from some standers by at the bus stop, who looked at us in that ‘why are you doing that, you fools’ way. But they urged us on to hit the water a few times for their benefit- so we got our best BMX gate starts ready and kept on plugging through.


Riders Ready, watch the gate…




And you thought the QEII left wake…


Enough tomfoolery for one afternoon though – writing with prune hands isn’t fun. Ta ta.