Doddy’s Socom gets ready to Whistle…

Although she's been ridden a fair bit, my Intense has been in a bit of a state, so she's been undergoing a decent service and is having a few new bits fitted for my holiday thrash-fest in Whistler next week. If you're going to be out there, hunt me down and we'll go and session a few runs...

Until recently I’ve been running my Fox 40’s with BOS internals in them, but unfortunately TF Tuned Shox have needed to get the cartridge back, so I’ve been left without my 40’s in the meantime- and the 2009 test samples aren’t yet available- so I’ve been wondering what forks to run. Last year I ran Rockshox Totems and couldn’t believe how good they are- so I’ve had mine serviced and have had some new seals fitted- looks like they’ll be staying on board for the trip- although there’s a pair of 888RC3 forks winking at me too…

It's al about layering...
They’ll be rockshox then…: it’s al about layering…

Also, my beloved Formula Oro Bianco brakes are having a well overdue service- the pistons have been sticking slightly, which I;m not suprised at really, given the fact that this bike only ever seems to be ridden in the filthiest conditions. The ATB Sales boys keep prodding me and telling me to try out the Hope Moto, so I asked Neil Arnold for a review pair and these Team only Green bad-boys turned up. He sent me both floating and the revolutionary vented discs to try out- I’ll be taking both sets with me to see how they handle on some all day drag-fests out on Garbanzo.

Green with envy, perhaps?
Team only eh?: green with envy, perhaps?

Jamie from Balfa UK  recently sent me an Orange Arcos bottom bracket- this one has stainless steel bearings, but ceramic versions are also available at very competitive prices in relation to Hope’s flagship bottom bracket. I’ll slip this on at the weekend, and will no doubt jet wash it, cover it in Muc-off and generally treat it badly- I’ll let you know how it handles.

what do I keep saying about orange?
Arcos bb: what do i keep saying about orange?

Troy Lee make some of the nicest kit around, and this lairy saddle is a collaboration with Selle Italia– although it’s so lairy I’m not sure if I’m going to run with it- what do you reckon? Lairy bad? Lairy good? I guess if there’s any bike it could go on, this is it! 

It does kind of go…: possibly.

Just check out the old stickering I did on my Totems- ’80’s tastic! I also went for the clash with some red e13 stickers on my downtube. Horrible, but kind of cool. Seems to go with the highstreet fashion thing going on where people insist on wearing camo, stripes, cheque and cashing colours all at once. Weird, but somehow quite cool.

OK, I may remove these..
Clashing!!!: ok, i may remove these..

If you’re likely to be in Whistler between the 15th and 25th and see me and the old Intense, come and hook up for a few runs. I’ll be hooking up with Wrecking Crew mosher Callum Jelly (should his parents win an award for that name?) whilst out there. Hopefully see some of you on the other side of the pond.

Looking Fresh!
Yeah!: looking fresh!

Oh, and keep watch on Bikeradar and on my blogs here as I’ll be updating with any interesting bikes, people and fancy dress bears I spot. Over and out…