Doddy’s Whistler Diaries part one

At last I've arrived at the bike mecca of the world- Whistler. The flight here was pretty cool as we flew over Greenland with crystal clear views of the ice-packs and stuff...

Even the journey to Whistler can be an exciting thing- once you’ve pasted immigration and you’ve finished sweating it’s down to getting your ass all the way to Whistler on the Whistler Express. Except our driver insisted on taking two breaks en route- even though it was only a 2.5 hr drive. What a nobber.

Crankworx will be HOT this year
Time for fun: crankworx will be hot this year
Looks amazing eh?
Ice meets water: looks amazing eh?

Anyhow, I’m here, the weather is amazing and the place is relatively empty – unlike the manic scenario there is when Crankworx rolls in to town. The lift queues are really small and it’s easy to get plenty of runs in – although my poxy wrist is giving me hassles so I’m munching on Ibuprofen like it’s chewing tabaco.

Enjoying the sun in WHistler
What a pose: enjoying the sun in whistler

The Slopestyle course looks amazing this year – way better than previous years and it’s got plenty of options. Also the new four-cross track kicks ass, and the Dual slalom track is mega tight. Trail condition is good – although ultra dusty. I never thought I’d say it, but some rain would be good!

Paddington enjoyed searching for his coat
Fancy a cuddle?: paddington enjoyed searching for his coat

Anyhow, I’m pretty busy on the Norco presentation at the moment – I’ll post a news story on the new bikes first thing in the morning – which will be tomorrow night for you guys.

Heaven or hell?
The boneyard: heaven or hell?

Ta ta for now – I’ll report back soon….