Donny’s Whistler blog

Team BikeRadar roll into Whistler, ripping up the trails with Travis Pastrana and Leigh Donovan

So we have just rolled into Whistler for a couple of weeks after the world cups on the east coast.


The weather here couldn’t be more different than Bromont and Mt St Anne, it is so hot!  It is good to be back.

Marc, Josh [Bryceland] and I are staying in a sweet condo that is already such a mess, with bikes, tools and kit everywhere and the lounge looks like an Apple shop. Facebook action all day from Marc and Josh.

We chilled for a day going down to the lake, kayaking and swimming. A nice little break from the bike, but it was pretty exciting to get out into the bike park today. We got into the queue for the chairlift and saw loads of familiar faces.

We rode a few runs with downhill legend Leigh Donovan; I couldn’t believe how fast she still is. Ripping it up on her short travel bike, I followed her and she was getting it sideways flat out, pretty rad.

That is the best thing about this place, getting to do runs with people you don’t normally ride with and not being uber competitive, just roosting turns and hitting jumps side by side.

We ran into Travis Pastrana out on the trails, he has come straight up from LA where he was busy winning the rally event at the X Games. He is up with all the Nitro Circus crew for a couple of days riding, he didn’t look to shabby on a downhill bike, but that is no surprise he has got more than a few talents!