Gavellers Gold

We find a hidden gem deep in the Forest Of Dean...

We’ve all been there; you’re wet, tired, hungry and emotional. Winter is a pretty minging time of year to be out on your bike and as much as you’ve enjoyed it, all you want is the soothing comforts of cake and tea.


Jamer, Doddy and Ric were out on an all-dayer yesterday deep in the Forest Of Dean when they stumbled accross a treasure trove of kerb stone sized confectionaries and piping hot beverages: Gavellers Cafe.

We’ve been riding in the FOD for years now and ashamedly this is the first time that we’ve found this little gem. Located in Beechenhurst Lodge just down the road from the Cycle Centre this little cafe is up there with the heavy-weights of the trail centre catering world.

All the food is made 100 percent in-house with options from full-on lunches to take-away sarnies, there are all the usual quick energy fixes and the biggest slabs of cake that we’ve ever seen. Honestly, if thrown they could seriously wound someone. The staff are all really friendly too and don’t mind manky mountain bikers cluttering up their cafe!


Anyway, next time you ride the Dean pop in and say hello. Just don’t go for the Gavellers Burger before a long ride… You mightn’t be seen again!