Get your MBUK masks!

Look like Steve Peat, Gee Man, and Greg Minnaar

Is it the Gee Man? Err, no

When poor old Ric came back from holiday to find his bonce plastered all over a bunch of masks we made of his face he was not best pleased…


But it gave us an idea. For your viewing pleasure we present – the MBUK masks! We’ll be wearing ours at the mighty BikeRadar Live cycling festival, and at the Fort William World Cup round in June. Oh, and to our mates’ weddings.

That’s right – now you can look like Steve Peat, Gee Atherton, Nathan Rennie, Greg Minnaar, Sam Hill or Cedric Gracia – bonza!  Just click on the link below to download the mask of your chosen riding hero.

To make them easy to print on A4 paper we’ve done each mask in two pieces – so just print both pages out on a colour printer when your boss isn’t looking, and glue them to the back of some cardboard – cereal boxes are perfect.

Then either tape your mask to a ruler or bung a couple of holes in the sides with a hole punch and sling some string through. Fancy being able to see at the same time? Cut out the whites of the eyes with a penknife, or scalpel. Sorted.

Just don’t blame us when you get mobbed by riding groupies.

For your downloading pleasure, here are the masks:

Sam Hill

Steve Peat

Gee Atherton

Cedric Gracia

Nathan Rennie


Greg Minnaar