Gulliver’s Travels


Well, not quite.
I’ve just returned from the team trip to Spain.
We visited Switchbacks holidays with Team MBUK/Santa Cruz, Steve Peat, Gee Atherton and Chris ‘prolapse’ Smith and had an awesome time.
Here’s the view from our place…


Unfortunately Peaty wasn’t on form as he was fighting off a nasty flu virus. Luckily for him, he gave it to Marc Beaumont who spent the week looking like a zombie.


Some crazy riding went off and one of the riders went a little bit bigger than he perhaps should have. New bike and all.
But you’ll have to wait and see for the gory details…


Just on the edge of what Chris is Fufanuing here, is nothing. One mistake and we’d be looking at a Chris Smith that could be easily folded in to small spaces…


Oh, and the crew recently interveiwed me for their site on all things Freerideish- check it out here