Hans ‘No Way’ Rey- a mountain bike legend…


Unless you’ve been hiding in the cupboard since mountain biking started, you’ll have heard of the legendary Hans Rey.
He’s the rider that pioneered extreme mountain biking, and pretty much single handed, took this to the people. He’s one of the true mountain bikers that excels in all disicplines- and has competed in over 60 countries over the years!

We invited Hans to the office to hear his life story- his accomplishments are truely amazing- and he tells a great story. You can pretty much name a place, and Hans has either been there, or is going next week. Next week, he’s off to Tibet and the Himalayas for one hell of an adventure.
Check his website out at www.hansrey.com and see some of the rad stuff he’s done.


Hans chose to have Martyn Ashton and Chris Smith around too as they’re two of the influential riders for Hans at the moment- as well as friends. We had some good chats about Trials, Freeride and the directions that the sport is heading, and where it possibly should go- but you’ll have to wait for Hans issue to come out…
He’ll be popping up throughout the issue helping us out with some Editorial letters and other stuff- so if there’s anything you want to ask him, send your Hans Rey questions to mbuk@futurenet.co.uk as soon as you can so the big guy can get them answered in time.


Needless to say, Hans brought some bikes with him so got out for a bit of a street hack with Chris and Martyn. Martyn was riding a cool little prototype street Trials frame- it looked really nimble but tough too- he even had a suspension fork on it which is quite odd for the gorilla armed Trials star.


As usual, street shoots always attract spectators- a few young fans here with their camera phones…


Hans was keen to show us his latest bike video action- hopefully we’ll be having a Hans section on our next DVD- fingers crossed!


Naturally, wetting the whistle was part of the day- resulting in a few jolly journos and a relaxed Hans.
I’m sure he won’t appreiciate me putting this pic on here, but here it is anyway..!
Look out for the Hans issue of MBUK soon- it’s going to be a corker…