Donât talk to me about bikesâ¦


To bastardise a great line from perhaps the greatest Oliver Reed movie ever* â£For you Tommy the Christmas holiday is overâ

Yep, despite being surrounded by doting friends and family for the thick end of two weeks Iâve had a horrible, humbug Christmas holiday. The knee injury I had just before the hols has been a bit more than the tweak I hoped it had been. The damn leg has been a complete pain both physically and metaphorically. Iâve had about half an hour on the turbo (three ten minute sessions with no resistance) Just to try and keep the leg loose and train the repair into shape. Apart from that itâs been elevated massaged, iced and heated in rotation. The net effect is the front to back walking motion is now 99 per cent good. Only the very last part of the motion where the knee joint is fully bent still presents a pain. Itâs the lateral loading which has been the problem. Try as I might, I seemed to be able to inadvertently turned or twisted the knee joint as some point neatly every day. The pain was short and sharp and actually not hard to deal with, it was the mental pain of knowing that each time I did it, I was reversing the healing process by a day. Very irritating to say the least.

As a knock on effect of not being able to ride my right IT band has become tight which is now affecting my lower back. Something which itself is not in the best shape after two prolapsed discsâ¦

Iâve just got to be slow and steady and methodical about riding. I guess the bright side is that this rehab will be during the dark, wet days of Jan and Feb and hopefully by the time we get to the spring Iâll be back to full form.

The flipside to being sidelined from riding over Christmas, is that Iâve had to lay off the grub. Itâs been a nightmare. Food everywhere, the finest culinary fancies from the known world in my kitchen, but I also didnât want to blimp out, so Iâve been (generally) good. Only a few minor indiscretions occurred and I donât think anyone noticed.

Oh to make matters worse, I also developed a minor chest infection on Christmas Eve. Honestly, it was a total write off.

Enough of my Humbug,



*Hannibal Brooks – the best Oli Reed film ever? Discuss