Hutchinson Barracuda tyres


With the amount of products we test here at MBUK, it’s no suprise that everynow and then we’lll find a little gem. Tyre geeks need only read on…


Hutchinson have made some fantastic tyres over the years- and some really iffy numbers. In more recent times, their Bulldogs and Piranhas have been immensly popular, but it’s the Barracuda that’s caught our attention. I’ve been riding these tyres on various bikes, and they are firmly in my favourite tyres ever box, along with a few select numbers.
For the way I ride, and the terrain I ride, I’ve found nothing better- but it must be this exact model. Coming in various casing sizings and options, there’s also different rubber compounds. I’ve ridden a few different versions, but have settled on the 2.3 in the Medium rebound rubber- which works all year round.

I’ve ridden this tyre on my Blur 4X for thrashing, and they love being slammed into turns. I’ve ridden them on my Trance for XC- although the slightly lighter Pirahna is better suited.
At the moment, I have them on my Enduro- and they match perfectly with it. The combination of a heavy duty tread, the defined shoulders, good carcass and lightish weight are just killer- up down and along.

If you ride in places like Afan a lot, these are well worth a look….
They clear all but the gloopiest of muds, and dig in on anything. The medium rebound rubber is a little slower than regular on harder surfaces, but the level of grip outweighs this. If you have to have a single pair of tyres for everything, then check these out…

One of the things I love is the square shoulder ridge- it gives really predictable cornering and never breaks away without warning. It also gives really predictable drifts- allowing you to push it to break away and know how it’ll slide, and for how long. If you’re an all-mountain rider and are looking for a slice of Sam Hill action, try these bad-boys out…
Most bike shops will be able to get hold of these for you- they’re distributed by Extra UK…