Interbike special report: Rock Racing booth is very, very exclusive

But Elden "Fat Cyclist" Nelson manages to embed himself

Not just anyone can get into the Rock Racing booth here at Interbike. You need to be an extremely special, exclusive person. Like a retailer. Or, evidently, a member of the press.


Oh, but once inside, what splendour! What secret, exquisite wonderfulness!

I wish I could show you the sights my eyes have beheld, but – alas – I cannot. Photographs are – unlike pretty much everywhere else in the entire show – not allowed in the Rock Racing booth.

Seriously, they’re not. When I took out a camera to snap a picture of the Very Secret and Exclusive interior of the booth, I was told, in a voice that brooked no dissent, that photography was not allowed.

Chastened, I exited.

Why no photography? I’ll tell you why not. If I could have taken pictures, you’d be able to see that they have several racks of garishly-coloured jerseys. And…and…and….

Well, actually, that’s pretty much it. The Rock Racing booth is full of jerseys. Oh, and a sound system. And several pouty-looking women models, all dressed in black.

Luckily for you, all of that is perfectly visible even from outside the booth.


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