Interesting day!

I'm sitting in Starbucks drinking a (skinny)creme brulee latte, mulling over what I've just taken on - the Emperor* has certainly been at work today!


I’m sitting in Starbucks drinking a (skinny)creme brulee latte, mulling over what I’ve just taken on – the Emperor* has certainly been at work today!


Here’s the story of this blog – I’ve been a mountain biker for years, but an increasingly heavy one, and ultimately I’ve found every excuse in the book to justify the fact that I eat too much crap, and am a fat git.

There’s a lot of crap gone on in my life over the past few years, mainly revolving around splitting up with my ex, and the ensuing custody battle over my two gorgeous kids, all of which has served to give me some excuses for wallowing in my own self pity and not grasping the nettle to get fit again – so, over the past few months I’ve had a pretty big life re-evaluation, sold my house, given up my job and moved 200 miles to be closer to my kids. Life’s settling down now, and it’s time to tackle that demon that didn’t go away, my weight!

So…I joined weight watchers two weeks ago, not the first time I’ve done that, I lost two and a half stone last year, but put most of it back on again – this time, I’m determined to succeed! So, joined two weeks ago, lost 2.5lbs in week one, 3 lbs in week two – a good enough start, but I’m hungry for more – Step forward my best mate, Guy, who works for what Mountain bike, and sent me the following mail:

While you’re on we want to do a proper let’s get someone into shape feature as part of our forthcoming big blokes issue. Basically find someone big who wants to be smaller and give him all the coaching and guidance etc. he needs to get on with it and see what happens. It’s intended to be gritty, no pulled punches gym jones style with realism – that includes great glories and falls from cake grace – that actually makes it believable rather than some throwaway lady mag tosh.

You interested?

Well, I could hardly say no really could I, its the kick up the arse of motivation that I needed to make this whole thing a success, and I had to accept the offer, although I know that it’s going to hurt, and require dedication and effort at the times when I’m at my lowest motivation – so, that’s my brief, and this blog is going to be my own personal diary and thinking space for how it goes, hopefully sometimes entertaining and offering some inspiration to those who want to get thinner and fitter for their own reasons.


* The Emperor is a special character who I’ll introduce you to in the next few days