Jim Davage signs for Transition Bikes


West Country nutter Jim Davage appeared out the woodwork yesterday with talk of a sponsorship change- having ridden for Curtis bikes since the start of time, Jim has decided to move pastures.
The start of last season saw Jim with a broken wrist- and once healed, only a few months later he broke it again- keeping him slow for the rest of the year. He’s focussed on a good season for 2007 and has started hitting the gym and turbo trainers whenever not out riding.
He’s keeping his existing list of sponsors- Easton, Atomlab, Howies, Marzocchi, Profile, ODI, TSG, Tioga, Deity and Fizik, but has added Transition cycles as his title sponsor.
Jim’s struck a deal which allows him to get to the key DH and Freeride events he needs to, as well as being able to afford a few ciders along the way.
Expect to see him ripping around on a Trailer Park hard tail frame, Bottlerocket short travel Slopestyle frame and a Gran Mal DH frame- as soon as Jim takes delivery of his frames, we’ll get an update on MBUK.com.
For now, here’s a few pics of Jim being Jim…




The guy in the middle is Dan ‘Rush’ Rushworth- he’s an awesome musician and part of the late Rush and the Fighter Pilots. He’s busy writing stuff and gigging at the moment round Bath and Bristol, both accoustically and with his band mates.Look out for him…
Also, the facially challenged guy on the right is Tom Davage- Jim’s brother, who’s just got back in to riding. Jim’s not overly amused as the two of them come pretty close (to blows) in racing. Keep watch at a local race near you- there should be some healthy competition…