Keeping the cyclo-commuters rolling

Adrian Bass helps keep the Bristol - Bath bike path free from vegetal clutter, come rain or shine

Adrian helps keep the Bristol to Bath bike in tip top shape

Trundling along merrily to work this week I came across a man with a rather unusual machine.


Adrian Bass works on the Bristol to Bath Railway Path, clearing, cutting back and generally tidying up the place. Without the likes of Adrian the path would rapidly become overgrown, so I was grateful to get the chance to thank in person the chap who makes my journey to and from work so pleasant.

Adrian’s paid to do the work by the local council, but it’s clear he’s very much his own master. I suspect you’d have to be a pretty independent spirit to do this kind of job. Some years ago he cycled east to west across the African continent.

For the last four years, Adrian’s been beavering away, keeping the cycle path in shape. That’s rain or shine. Although
after crossing the scorching desert of the African plains that’s
probably a walk (or ride) in the park for him.

His bike speaks volumes. If you think your customising efforts
are impressive, just check this out.

Not only has Adrian gone old school, with a stand, he’s also
created an impromptu trailer, using bits of a luggage trolley
and a discarded wire shopping basket.

The adaptation allows Adrian to lug strimmers, spades,
brooms, hoes and the like up and down the 18 mile track,
without resorting to motorisation.


That’s no mean feat. So I salute you Adrian – without you I’d be
hacking my way through undergrowth each morning. Or, even
worse, braving the dangers of the main road.