Kona Mash Up MBUK Awards

Being the first of it's kind in the UK, some 350 riders battled it out for the best times they could get in both Enduro and Technical categories last weekend. We were on hand trying to spot the people we thought deserved the MBUK awards- here's who won...

Unlike many modern XC and DH events, the Kona Mash up had a real flavour about it- it felt like older events used to. Many people brought friends along for support and to party and the generaly atmosphere was relaxed- even in the queues for the timing points, there was light hearted banter and roars of laughter from groups of friends where one of them hadn’t been quite so lucky.

Just chilling in the sun
Just chilling in the sun: just chilling in the sun

With so many people having such a good time, it was hard for us to pick winners, but we narrowed it down to these four riders- who’ll be receiving their trophies as soon as they’re back from the engravers…

You know where...
You know where…: you know where…

The Mini Masher

Well, our winner here isn’t the youngest- but she deserves a mention for riding her ass off, and she’s certainly a fair bit younger than our Master Masher…. With quite a name on the DH scene, 16yr old Monet Adams was keen to show she’s not just a one trick pony, and put in a time that would have placed her high up in the mens, as well as 2nd overall in the Woman’s Technical category.

Monet’s making a big name for herself on the DH scene, but she’s clearly going to be interested in smoking the field on the Enduro scene- go get it Monet!

Master Masher

The great thing about Enduro style riding like this is that it attracts riders of all ages. We’re not sure if James Michell will want us sharing his age, but the 57yr old Enduro entrant had legs of steel. His time of 35.55minutes posted him 55th overall in the Enduro category- where most of the riders that beat him were young XC whippets.

They should all be sweating for next time as James will surely be out for some more ass-kicking!

Thrash Hound

There were a lot of riders on DH bikes, hardtails and trail bikes, and even a few that rode both the Enduro and Technical categories, but when we arrived and spotted Rowan donning SPD’s rather than his usual Five Ten/flats combo, we had a feeling he was going to be pinning it.

Not only did he win the Technical cat overall, but he had the fastest times on both the recorded sections, and rode the Enduro too. In the Enduro he scored 6th overall with two wins, two seconds and a 13th- officially making him hard as nails and our tip for Thrash Hound of the event.

Ian jevon gets his war wounds patched up: ian levon gets his war wounds patched up

Grand Masher

For pure fun and enjoyment of the event, we have to say Ian Jevon who was riding a monstrous Cove DH bike in the Technical Category flew the flag for spirit of the event.

Firstly, riding a massive travel DH bike didn’t put him off where most were on lightweight 5in travel bikes- it merely made him ride faster. Possibly too fast, infact- he attempted a cart-wheel Mach 7 on the Black Run, carving a huge gash in his forehead, which with the amount of blood it leaked made him look like some possessed warrior ready for battle!

Whenever we saw Ian he was getting ready for another run with a huge grin on his face. For your enjoyment in riding Ian, we salute you as the Mash-up’s Grand Masher.

RIDER!!: rider!!
Bwaaarp. finlay paton on way to 12th spot: bwaaarp! finlay paton on way to 12th spot

After the main event, people hit the bar at the lovely visitor centre, and got stuck in to some great grub whilst a band and a DJ got to work pounding out the tunes, As you can imagine, rawkus behaviour was  aplenty from some huge guy that looked like Big Daddy with his top off, and none other than Iron Horse UK’s own Martin Astley, who was showing everyone how to party- although he must have been wrecked as he looked like something you’d scrape off your tyre with a stick the next morning. Good going Mart!

And realisation...
And realisation…: and realisation…

Any how, we’re already making plans for the next event to be even better- so keep those beady eyes peeled, and in the meantime, check out the results (although there are some issues with a few of the times) here