Martyn Ashton on the rocks

Trials guru rocks it on a road bike...

Ashton, spectactular as usual

If you’ve ever tried pulling any kind of stunt on a fixie, or a road bike, you’ll know it’s damn hard.


So just get a load of Martyn Ashton. He hopped onto a carbon road bike and managed to nail a backflip on the thing!

Martyn and fellow Ashton Diamondback rider Rowan Johns teamed up to film this amazing vid in the run-up to our BikeRadar Live festival.

Radar Live is all about the love of bikes, whatever you ride. But Martyn really pushed the limits of his Raleigh Avanti Team – we doubt we’ll see many guys on the track at Brands Hatch testing theirs in the same way!

Check out the vid, then hop over to the MBUK Facebook page or tweet us and tell us what your favourite bit is. 


Oh, and if you think it looks fairly steep in the vid, get a load of that graffitied slope he tackled

Martyn ashton doing the impossible on a road bike