MBUK 20th Anniversary Competition Winners

We're still recovering from our bumper 20th Anniversary issue but for a lucky few the excitement is just getting started... Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... The winners!

MBUK 20th Anniversary

(drum roll please…)


The MBUK Anniversary GT Zaskar – Ben Ellis from Lytham

The Mega Riding Wardrobe – Josh Ransley from Kent

DH Survival Kits – James Costley-White from Bristol, Carl Bishop from Rotherham, B Bennett from Salisbury, Christos Georgallides from Enfield, Michael McPherson from Kirkintilloch, Peter Lane from Surrey, Karl Draper from Radstock, Sam Mossop from Kend, Elliot Murray from Barry, Paul Brough from Cornwall

661 DH Riding Gear – Chris Griffin from Leeds, Chris McKay from Carlisle, Geoff Warnock from Solihull, Corey Mackay from Cumbria, Andy McRobbie from Lincoln, Alan Coughlan from Frodsham

Mavic Wheelsets – Omar Hossain from Blackburn, Dan Finn from Basingstoke

Curtis MX24 Frame – T Hunter from Glasgow

Merlin Maintenance Kits – Graham Bowman from Gateshead, David Bromley from Wolverhampton, Paul Beckford from Stafford, James Heath from Stafford, Jake Wensley from Worcestershire, Jeff Francis from Scarborough, Tom Burnham from Sheffield, Richard Hindle from Lee-On-The-Solent, George Ollett from Norwich, John Rutter from East Lothian

Endura XC Kit – Mrs. C Hil from Stroud, Ross Jackson from Goring By Sea, Alun Hardie from St. Boswells, Peter Berry from Bury and Bolton

Olympus Cameras – Grant Ferguson from West Lothian, Ben Harris from Bristol, Nigel Paver from Devon, Paul Johns from Bristol, Jo Pattison from Whitley Bay, Matthew Addison from Bromsgrove, K Stratton from Rushden, DJ Norman from Notts, Ben Phelps from Cinderford, Kieren Richards from Exeter

So there you have it, you’re all winners! If we haven’t been in contact with you already we will be shortly for size-specific prizes. 


Congratulations again and don’t forget to pick up the all-new MBUK on sale Wednesday 30th July from all reputable retailers of fine periodicals (or your local newsagents)!