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Cyclists riding mountain bikes in countryside

This month the UK’s best-selling mountain bike magazine brings you another packed issue featuring Chris Akrigg, one of the world’s best bike handlers, a bike packing adventure along the Cambrian Way, and BikeRadar‘s women’s editor Aoife Glass heads to Whistler to discover how they’ve managed to encourage so many women into the sport.


In addition, you’ll find a carbon superbike test, 15 trail shorts get reviewed and the MBUK team rides three of the latest bikes from Yeti, Santa Cruz and Thok.

There are also insights from pro photographer Geoff Waugh on his favourite shots and the team chat with Rachael Walker, Hope Technology’s brand manager.

Chris Akrigg

Chris Akrigg
Chris Akrigg has a style few can imitate.
Mick Kirkman

There are very few people who can handle a bike like Chris Akrigg and even fewer that make trails look as smooth or can ride and conquer what most of us would consider un-ridable.

MBUK catches up with the Yorkshireman at his local spot to see just how he does it.

Wheel science

Cyclist riding mountain bikes through woodland
Can a mixed wheel size set up compete with a pair of 29in wheels? Will Soffe heads to the track to find out.
Andy Lloyd

After the UCI removed the rule that wheel sizes need to be the same for gravity racing, there have been several riders experimenting (with success) with a mixed wheel set up.

MBUK sent out suspension expert and bike coach Will Soffe to see if there’s any advantage to the ‘mullet’ bike set up against its big-wheeled counterpart.

Carbon superbikes

Cyclists riding mountain bikes in countryside
Just how good are top-of-the-range trail bikes? MBUK puts four ultimate trail bikes from Scott, Yeti, Mondraker and Specialized to the test.
Mick Kirkman

This month MBUK puts four money no object superbikes from Scott, Yeti, Mondraker and Specialized head to head to see if these ultimate trail-rippers have any flaws, and which one is just a little more ‘super’ than the others.

How to…

Cyclist riding mountain bike on pump track
Nikki Whiles teaches you how to get your pump on.
Andy Lloyd

Learn a heap of pro-tips from some of the UK’s best coaches — Chris Kilmurray, Olly Morris and Nikki Whiles — on how to rip around a pump track, improve your car-park skills to impress your mates, improve your trail riding, and learn how to climb easy so you can descend hard.

Ahead of the curve

Cyclists riding mountain bikes through woodland
Whistler is a bucket list riding destination regardless of gender.
Mark Mackay

Whistler has always been at the forefront of the mountain biking scene, leading the way in terms of trail development and inclusivity. It’s also one of the areas where women almost equal men in numbers on the trails.

Aoife Glass takes a trip to the ‘promise-land’ to see just what they are doing so right.

Extra extra…

Cyclists riding mountain bikes over rocky path
Features editor Ed and MBUK buddy Ben take on the beautiful but challenging Cambrian Way in a bike packing adventure.
Anthony Pease

That’s not all, this month’s magazine pages are crammed with first rides on the new Yeti SB 165 T2, Santa Cruz Chameleon C SE+ Reserve, plus new Italian brand Thok, with its e-bike the MIG-R.

The testing team reviews six of the best multi-tools, and 15 pairs of trail shorts feature in the mag’s grouptest.

Tons more gear and kit get put through the wringer to bring you the best advice on what cuts the mustard and what doesn’t.

Also, features editor Ed and former MBUK tester Ben, bikepack their way along 175km of the Cambrian Way, and there’s much much more besides.

Free gift

Rainbow valves, free gift MBUK 372
Free rainbow anodised valve caps are this month’s MBUK free gift.

This month MBUK blings up your bike with some rainbow anodised valve caps.