MBUK out thrashing Marins in Brizzol…

In between the nasty sitting down and wearing away our fingerprints stuff, we’re out product testing and liaising with the industry. This morning it wasn’t raining- it was in fact sunny, and we were out mud-plugging in Bristol with ATB Sales- UK importers of Marin bicycles.

The Wolf Ridge is a member of the truly excellent Quad 140 series of bikes, which are simply the best thing Marin have ever produced.


Designed here in the UK by the irritatingly fit- and fast- Ian Alexander, Marin bikes have been reborn and pose a huge threat to many of the big players in the aggressive 5in market.

With 140mm of travel front and rear, the Quad 140 appears to be just another trail-bike, but take a look at the low-slung bottom bracket, and super slack 67degree head angle, and you will realise that this rig isn’t a regular trail bike- it’s a trail annihilator.

The best description I can offer of this bike is that it’s essentially a 4X bike designed for all-day thrashing. It’s not mega light, but it climbs like a beast thanks to the low slung front end. And descending is a joke- this thing will out do most 6 and 7in travel rigs with ease.

It really is that good.

There’s mud clearance too. And a shock that’s easily accessible, yet protected from the elements.

And there’s also a Maxle rear end- which clamps things tighter than a gnats arsehole. There’s no rear end wandering here.


Look out in MBUK for a full review soon…