MBUK/Raceface/Silverfish DH Factor Part One.


As you’re aware, I’m sure, it’s been a while since I’ve last made a post on here. So long in fact, that Jamer has even made a post- and he does bugger all in the way of tinternet stuff except lose a fortune on eBay. Although judging by the way his post was written in the third person, I’d say it was cobbled together by our resident Webwelsheriser Matt Cole. Who’s probably grinning at the mere mention of his name- you’re missing me right, Matt?
The last couple of weeks have been a rocky road of mad work and a deserved holiday to Paris with my arguably better half. And without even a day in the office to check my apparant 200odd emails, I’m sitting in the Tontine hotel at Peebles. Again.
Last year we held our Slopestyle competition up here at Glentress with Kona, but this year UK Raceface importers Silverfish tickled our fancy with a dedicated DH comp destined for Innerleithen- which will end in a lucky reader and a friend hitting up Whistler for a weekend with the like of Paul Bas, Darren Berrecloth, Wade Simmons, Richie Schley, Tyler Morland, Thomas Vanderham and Co. Sadly due to internet issues, I haven’t been able to get a post up before now (we started on monday) but I should be able to keep you updated from now…


The drive up here was a clammy 6hr affair with Pete the Great from Silverfish- arriving at the hotel on Sunday evening for a swift pint with comp judges Scott Beaumont and Rob Warner. Oh, dig the glasses guys- proper crap aren’t ehey? I love them. Rather fetching I thought.


The first day kicked off in traditional ‘first day always cocks up’ fashion, but nevertheless displayed a great display of bike handling from some of MBUK’s more daring readers.
Anyhow, here’s a snap of some Raceface flags with Warner blasting past- so fast you can barely see him. That guy is onform big style. He is sending it for 2007- expect to see the big guy giving ‘er all over the country at the races. If he’s allowed to park his race rig in the pits…
Anyone reading this that’s attending the NPS this weekend at Inners, beware the moon. There may be some howling at night.

Speaking of the devil, Warner’s got his act together and has at last got himself some matching race kit and a bike. His rig even looks well set up- other than his odd brake lever set-up…

Scott and Warner about to judge some riders…

More to follow- check back later…