MBUK’s January 2019 issue is on sale now

As you recover from Christmas and let the mince pies and turkey go down, get excited for 2019 in the latest awesome issue

Happy New Year! MBUK kicks off the New Year with a world exclusive as Dan Milner puts wheels to dirt where no mountain biker has ventured before… North Korea.


Plus, there are amazing India and winter riding features, bike and kit reviews, and plenty of MTB news to get you stoked for 2019.

Mission possible

Dan Milner takes a trip to the forbidden land of North Korea
Dan Milner

With a world first bike adventure, Dan Milner and crew go deep inside the forbidden communist nation to tackle trails no mountain bikers have ever seen before.

Back on the hippie trail

Malcolm Mclaws rides high in India
Malcolm Mclaws

Malcolm Mclaws rediscovers India, a land of both spiritual and literal highs, and follows the path of his former long-haired hippie self and where the late Kelly McGarry once rode. 

YT Tues CF Pro Mob edition

We hit the trails on the YT Mob edition Tues
Steve Behr / Immediate Media

The team throws a leg over the bike that Aaron Gwin and the YT Mob hammered on the world cup circuit last year. Find out what MBUK thought of this mighty machine.

Mud wrestling

MBUK show you how to make the most of the mud
Andy Lloyd / Immediate Media

Ed and Luke show you how to maximise your fun in the mud this winter, and demonstrate that winter riding doesn’t have to be a chore. 

The Brit parade

Best of British trail/enduro bikes
Mick Kirkman / Immediate Media

Four of the finest UK trail/enduro bikes are put to the test to discover if they perform with patriotic flare.  

Wrecking Crew

The Dude’s of Hazzard show the team around their home trails at the Nevis Range
Brodie Hood

The Dudes of Hazzard welcome us up north to the Nevis Range at Fort William, the home of UK world cup racing to show us what other riding lies in the shadow of Ben Nevis.

Most Wanted Gear Guide

MBUK’s 2019 Most Wanted gear guide

We offer up our guide to the most wanted gear of 2019, so you can find out what we’re coveting this year.