New Year’s Resolution: Know your size or think yourself thinner?

Wishful thinking, or just wishful dreaming?

No more wishful thinking

Ever since I’ve been an adult, I’ve had a yearly moment of absolute clarity amidst the drunkenness of New Year’s Eve, an epiphany if you like, where I see a journey ahead for the year…plans are made, but they often fail miserably!


Take last year for instance. I’m standing in one of my local bike shops. The wise manager is suggesting that I get the XL size in the Altura Dryline waterproof shorts, not the large size that I want him to order.

In a recent poll of friends and colleagues, I found that I wasn’t alone in stubbornly getting my regular size that I’d had for the majority of my life. ‘Sod it,’ we all thought in synchronicity, ‘I’d rather not be able to do the top button up, than go up a size!’

For any ladies reading this, here’s a revelation: men think these things too, you know. But you probably already knew this, as it’s probably a talking point at girlie evenings about your partner’s stubborn resistance to admit that they need to trade up a size!

But hang on, is it stubborn, bloody minded or even, dare I say it, completely stupid to waste (or waist!) money on shorts that don’t fit you properly? Actually, my friends, colleagues and I all share a common goal, buried deep in our subconscious or, for most of us, is right there in the open. So what is it? Ready chaps:

“I will buy my normal size shorts and, damn it, I will ensure that I lose the necessary weight to get in them!”

Pan forward to the Eve of 2008: “Wait (clever this word play isn’t it!) a minute,” I hear my wife saying: “So, these shorts you bought last winter, have you managed to get into them yet?”

“Um, ah, ahem, all right, NO!” I mutter, as the cackles follow me down the garden path to the shed where I set about eating the humble pie she’s prepared for me.

A man needs a shed you know, but that’s another story!

The moral of the story is that this year, yes, THIS year, will be different. THIS year I will lose that extra weight. This year I will get in those shorts. Why? To prove to my wife that I can? Because I was stupid enough to start a blog where I’ll look very stupid if I don’t succeed in my quests? Or because I owe it to myself?

Here are some statistics:

I am 5 foot 11 and ¾ inches tall in old money and 182.5 cm in new.

Current waist size – 39 inches/99 cm

Current Weight: 15 stone and 7 pounds/99kg

Current BMI – 29.48 (I need to be in the range of 18.5 to 25)

Planned weight – 13 stone/82.5kg

Planned waist size – 34 inches/86.5 cm

Planned BMI – 24.72

Know your size? I do know my size, I’m 34 inches, that’s 86.5 cm. Want proof? Sure. Give me 12 months to find that tape measure and I’ll prove it to you!

Want to share your sizing/weight loss plan stories then send them in. Whether male or female, this is not an exclusive boy’s club after all.




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