No Wiggo, so surely Cav will get the cycling vote for SPoTY

Jenson Button rides a bike, but Cycling Plus will be voting Manx...

SPoTy 2010?

Look, I’ll come clean here. I don’t actually care a great deal about the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year awards. It jumped the shark for me when Adrian Chiles asked the now legendary question of Nicole Cooke: “Do you fall off a lot?” That said, I don’t care a great deal about The X-Factor yet, for some reason, I know that Jedward are out but live in constant fear that one day I’ll hear them on the radio and find myself tapping along…oh and that Olly seems to have his hair on sideways.


Anyway, I guess my point – if I have a point – is that SPoTY and The X-Factor are kind of pointless but kind of entertaining – like Top Gear, I’m a Celebrity and BBC Parliament channel. And if Zara Phillips and Chris Hoy can win and promote so-called minority sports where people ride things, then come December 13 I’ll be voting for Mark. It’s a shame that Brad Wiggins didn’t make the cut too, but two cyclists in the top 10 might have split the vote.

And while I might think the awards are kind-of-pointless the winners don’t. In his autobiography Sir Chris Hoy says: “It was, as I think I mentioned in my speech about 18 times – incredible.” So go on, make Mark happy on December 13.


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