Old Skool is definitely cool…

Purple Anodising? Dave’s Chain Device? Panaracer Smoke and Darts? Shimano Shark Fins? Why am I dragging this lot up, I hear you ask...?

I visited TF Tuned Shox this morning to have some things fettled, including having a special pair of forks reassembled and tweaked after I’ve just had them re-sprayed for a very special project for our 20th Year anniversary issue next month, and it got the old time machine in my head fired up.


Remember how skinny and weak looking some of the old Rock Shox forks were? They look so rad now!

Courtesy of SRAM, I’ve acquired a pair of Reba team forks which I’ve had stripped and re-painted in Judy Yellow by Argos cycles over in Bristol. Neil at TF Tuned whacked ‘em back together and Tim himself found me some original Judy stickers- placed aside the old SL’s they don’t half look bad!

The forks are being bolted to a very special frame, with some very special other components, for a special reason. So you’d better check out the mag if want to find out why.


It’s on sale 7th May, so watch out…