Procycling Magazine promises best ever Tour coverage

Follow Friebe, Bacon and Moore as they tra-la-la through France

Why are the Saxo Bank men smiling? Was it something Friebe or Bacon said in Monaco? Stay tuned...

The Tour de France doesn’t begin until Saturday, but the Côte d’Azur was already abuzz with excitement on Thursday as Procycling Magazine’s dynamic duo of Deputy Editor Ellis Bacon and Features Editor Daniel Friebe jetted in to the Principality.


Okay, so that’s not strictly true – and hysteria probably wasn’t the reason that the chaps at Nice airport mislaid Bacon’s bag – but it is accurate to say that Procycling is in Monte Carlo en force and poised to supply its best ever Tour coverage over the next three weeks. 

Twitter, blogs, podcasts  – you name the new-fangled media and Procycling’s grubby paws will be all over it. Proceeding in that order, our “narcsisstic drivel” as one member of staff referred to it earlier this week can be located @Procycling_mag. Readers, if it’s navel-gazing enough for Lance Armstrong, then it’s self-regarding enough for Bacon, Friebe et al. More encouragingly, the Procycling traveling party promises up-to-the-minute quotes, gossip and everything else you won’t get from any other Twitter account covering the Grande Boucle.

Starting on Friday, Daniel Friebe’s daily blog from the Tour will offer a long and hopefully slightly better punctuated form of prose. Friebos says that readers can expect the same smorgasbord of exclusive interviews, quotes and whimsical musings with which he “regaled” us last year. An exclusive and exhaustive interview with Greg LeMond about the 20th anniversary of his legendary 1989 Tour win will be among the early highlights.

Finally, no Procycling Tour experience would be complete without evening helpings of podcast. Messers Bacon, Friebe and bestselling author Richard Moore are all back and primed for verbal battle with their colleagues, starting on Friday. Last year’s magic moments included star interviews, a silent cameo by Tour chief Christian Prudhomme, and nonsensical ramblings about Cadel “Cuddles” Evans and Bernhard “Jay-Z” Kohl. If it wasn’t a contradiction in terms, we’d say that it was better than it sounded, as will be this year’s.


Twit, pod, blog or all three: as the man on another asinine modern media invention, Big Brother, says, “Yooooouuuuu decide…”