Puncture repair git

Once is lucky, twice is a charm. Five times is just taking the...

Five punctures in a matter of a few hours is enough to test the most patient of riders among us!


And on the latest MBUK photoshoot at the Gap near Brecon in Wales we discovered that art ed Jimmer’s stash of spare tubes wasn’t nearly enough.

Thinking that three extra would be ample backup we naively rode off with photo wizard Russ Burton and cover rider James Van Gowler to the gnarly rocky descent we’d picked for our pics.

Ten mins in and we realised it was going to be a trade-off between snakebites and high winds as to what was going to finish off our shoot first.

Three hours down the line, a lot of tyre wrangling, and with the final hiss of James’s rear wheel we called it a day. Look out for the next issue on sale 25 August to see how it turned out…


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