Raging against the machine

Yes, we know Sony still win

RATM - winners!

First of all, we do realise that the big winners are really Sony in the surprisingly passionate battle for the Christmas number one this year.


But we couldn’t help but do a little victory dance when we heard that Rage Against the Machine’s Killing In The Name Of  had managed to secure the top spot yesterday, beating The X Factor’s Joe McElderry by some 50,000 copies.

We jumped on the RATM bandwagon… sorry, I mean, got behind the grassroots Facebook campaign, because Rage bassist Tim Commerford is a friend of the mag. Well, he’s been in MBUK anyway. Tim hooked up with this earlier this year for a session with legendary riders Brian Lopes and Hans Rey.

And if you think his record is badass, you should see him on a bike…

Anyway, we know that ultimately X Factor mogul Simon Cowell will still reap a big profit from all those record sales this year – and even now Cycling Plus editor Rob Spedding can be heard across the office bleating ‘But Sony get all the money, but Sony get all the money’.

We still don’t care though. Ultimately, it’s a triumph of good music over bad, and one in the eye for ‘the man’. And £60,000 has been raised for homeless charity Shelter along the way too. So come on, Super Furry Animals for New Year number one anyone? (Warning kids, more swearing!)


PS. I may be writing this from a cosy air conditioned office at the heart of one of the biggest magazine publishers in the world. But that’s not the point either. Before you start.