Ric’s Eye-Pod

Think you've seen sad? You ain't seen nothing yet...

Ok, let’s get it out in the open first, I have a fetish for goggles! Not in a seedy sort of ‘touchy feely’ way but in the way that some people own 100 pairs of trainers or spend all day buying rare vinyl on ebay, I’d happily spend the rest of my life buying goggles.


I’m at the stage now were I’d gladly wear full black or really bland DH-kit JUST to show off a new pair of eye-protectors. Match a pair of super-fresh goggles with a decent pair of gloves and you’ve instantly got that factory look. I think.

So, with ready access to a lot of new goggles and a lot of photo-shoots to ride them on I decided it was time to sort out a proper storage system; it was time for the Eye-Pod!

Fox were kind enough to send me one of their new goggle bags along with some mint new Main Punk and Plaid goggles.

Basically, the bag lets you store 5 pairs of your favourite retina-tectors in there in a comfy teared and padded interior. There’s a load of pockets inside and out too where I’ve stashed all my spare lenses.

There’s also a packet of Muc-Off Dirty Work wipes and an Optix kit to make sure everything stays minty-fresh on the go. I’ve got a Muc-Off Microfibre Finishing Cloth in there too, just in case…

Currently residing in the Eye-Pod are a super-rare pair of Oakley James Stewart Signature Crowbar MX’s, Fox’s new Main Punk and Main Plaid (with the new Ice MX lense), a pair of Electric EG-1 MX’s and some of Thor’s new Celtic Hero’s. I bloody love goggles!


What’s your secret uber-geek into? Let us know, we understand…