Ric’s Home Brew (Part. 2)

STOP COOKING! Bike built...

I’m glad to announce that after four hours of fiddling, tightening, loosening, screwing, unscrewing, threading, hammering and tightening my new Transition Covert now lives!


I was a bit like a rubbish Dr Frankenstein on Friday night. I’m not suggesting that building your own bike is like crafting together a zombified monster then breathing artificial life into it only to have it murder you in a windmill, but you know what I mean… You get pretty into it.

Some decent tunes on the stereo, a few beers and a break halfway through for chicken hotpot and the job was a good ‘un. As far as problems went it was mercifully straightforward too. Here were the night’s biggest low points:

– Internal cabling. Getting the rear mech cable threaded through the chainstay had me reaching for the cable ties a few times. I’d nearly given up on it before a breakthrough moment when I lobbed the end off an old spoke, rammed it in the end of the cable and threaded her through like a gent!

– Plastic headset spacers. Not only were the supplied spacers plastic but they were slotted on one side to secure them on top of each other. This ended up leaving a thin plastic ridge on the top of the stack. Once I tightened everything up, one of them snapped with a bang and shot across the room, narrowly missing the telly.

Anyway, Saturday saw some quiet rolling around Bath for ‘shake-down’ testing. This mainly involved stopping a lot to tighten stuff up and fiddle with air in the shocks. Sunday was unexpectedly warm though, and saw me and the Transition hit the trails for our first all-day ride together.


How’d we get on? Stay tuned for a more thorough report later in the week…