Ric’s Scottish Adventure

Our lad ventures to the land of ice and snow

It's all a bit bleak, isn't it?

Here at MBUK Towers the snow of January is a recent memory. But not so up north…


Our Ric headed to Scotland this week for Ghost’s brand launch (see issue 249 for more  –  out  March 10) and to do some shooting for a feature. And it’s just snowed and snowed and snowed.

Over to you boyo:


This week I’m going to be coming to you mainly from the Scottish Borders.

I’m up north for a Ghost launch so tomorrow’s all about presentations, meetings and hopefully a lot of riding in Glentress. I always seem to be away somewhere else when the boys have been up here so I’m pretty excited to finally get riding up here.

I’m getting to ride Innerleithen’s red XC trail too which I’ve heard is pretty flat-out.

Today started at 4:30am to get to the airport for 6am so I’m pretty wired already. Still , a few mugs of coffee and a bit of rental car abuse should see me right! I lived in Edinburgh for four years but still manage to forget just how beautiful it is up here.


Ghost are new to the UK from Germany and seem to be big subscribers to the Great British five inch trail bike theory. Check back tomorrow for some sneek peeks at some of ze Germans’ finest hardware and more Scottish- based banter. Until then, I’m off for another coffee…