Saas-Fee Glacier Bike Downhill race is wild!

MBUK checks out the frozen and wild glacier downhill race

Comical costumes, breakneck speeds, ice and bikes. It may not sound like an obvious combination but it’s a magical recipe for a wild weekend racing bikes down a glacier in Saas-Fee in the Swiss Alps.


MBUK sent Richy Taylor out to the Saas-Fee Glacier Bike Downhill race to see just how fast he could push himself! Richy has reported back and we can confirm that he’s had a wild time! Here’s what he had to say about the event.

Saas-Fee is absolutely stunning

“The annual Saas-Fee Glacier downhill race just happened and it was all about breakneck speeds, heavy high-speed crashes with catsuit contenders and comical costumes simultaneously hurtling themselves down freshly groomed ski pistes in true mass-start fashion.

”With Europe having its warmest winter in decades, the start line was moved down, if you ask me surely the finish line should have been moved up, if it was true that the snow was too soft to race on. I’m no Albert Einstein but that seems more logical!

“As the bikers patiently trundled their whips up by gondola under total darkness, we were eventually greeted with a glorious sunrise and perfect blue skies. Its probably one of the most scenic starts to any mountain bike race in the world, with Switzerland’s highest peak, the Dom, towering at 4,545 metres, dominating the background views.

The glacier race is all about speed (and balls!)

“The racetrack was shorter in length but the carnage was on par as per previous years. With soft snow you need a clean line, if you start getting rutted, you soon start an intimate sideways dance with your bike and find yourself holding on for dear life until the finish line.

There are some wild characters at the race

”It’s an absolute novelty to race down groomed slopes in a ski resort and for any bike enthusiast it should be on your bucket list to race this infamous course in Saas-Fee.”

Check out Richy’s video here:

Watch Richy Taylor race the 2017 Saas-Fee Glacier Bike Downhill race

The top three finishers were Albert Lukas in a time of 05:31.5 in first place. Sigrist Roger finishing with a 05:32 flat in second place and in third place was Koller Patrik with a time of 05:41.7.