Sam Pilgrim’s BikeFlip

UK slopestyle and dirt jump star tells us about his new move - watch the vid too

We’re stoked to have top UK slopestyle and dirt jump star Sam Pilgrim writing regular blogs for MBUK. Here he tells us about his latest move…


I can’t quite believe what an amazing contest year it has been for me.  I’ve been totally blown away by the results. The most memorable were the wins at the final round of the Qashqai series on London’s South Bank and the Adidas slopestyle event in Austria.

Unfortunately all the contests have finished for the year but it isn’t all bad news… I travelled around so much during the summer I hardly got to ride back at home, so now it’s a bit quieter, expect to see me at Chicksands Bike Park and Adrenaline Alley almost every week to get some real training in!

During the short time I was at home I’ve been busy practising tricks in my foampit in my back garden and at Dedham trails (my jumps) quite a lot. I’ve been really focussing on a new trick which I’m pretty sure is a first for mountain biking – well I sure as hell haven’t seen it done anywhere. It’s called ‘The BIKEFLIP’.

It’s pretty hard to explain but basically, just as I take off the lip of the jump I kick off the pedals so the bike starts going out underneath me. Once I have the momentum going I take off my left hand so when the bike comes round it doesn’t hit me. Now my left hand is off, the bike spins a full flip past me (remember my right hand is still holding on to the bars) and once the seat is level with my head I look for the seat which I catch to stop the bike spinning any further. Then I get back on for a smooth landing – pretty simple huh?! It looks better than I can describe anyway, so check it out:

Until next time.



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