Santa Cruz Blur 4X


As many of you will know, I’ve been riding one for the last couple of years- and I have to say it’s the most fun bike I’ve ever ridden. If you’re reading this post to see the saucy pics of my rig, sadly there’s none this time- I’m just here to waffle on about a bike that I love riding.

Appearances can be deceiving with bikes- and the Blur is a prime example. At a glance it looks just like it’s XC and LT brothers- but on closer inspection you can see there’s a complex beast hiding for those willing to find…
I’ve been on a mission to find the ultimate bike for my riding (when not riding XC), which is a medley of Singletrack, DH, Freeride, Shore, Dirt Jumping and Street. And I found this. Since I’ve been on MBUK, I’ve ridden hundreds of bikes is all kinds of sithuations, but none tick as many boxes as the Blur.
Four inches of rear wheel travel, a low bottom bracket, long wheelbase, slack head angle and a Pike 454 U-turn fork with 110-140mm of travel ensure it’s ready for whatever I throw at it.


It’s funny, because there are lots of people out there that think they know everything about bikes- or simply just have loads to say about them. They’re normally the people that tell me that my 4X’ pivots will wear out really quickly, and that I’ll break it. Let me tell you, I’ve been riding this bike come rain or shine since I got it, and it’s always the first bike I think of riding unless I’m heading out for an XC burn- and that’s only because it’s a bit small as an XC rig for me.
I’m 6.3″ and weigh nearly fifteen stone- I’m not light, and I certainly don’t ride very light, but the Blur takes it all. I’ve ridden DH in Scotland and Wales onboard, hit various Dirt Jumps on it, and recently hammered the shit out of it at Esher shore. And it keeps coming back for more- with a cheeky little wink.
The only damage this frame has seen to date, is paint chips/scratching, and a broken shock pin. But I’m nearly 15stone and ride this thing hard, so that’s almost inevitable.
Last week at Esher I flatlanded a pretty big jump a few times- and rolled my ankle the last time- it was about 25ft to flat (accidentally). If I ‘d have been riding another machine, I might not have ridden it out.

I really do love everything about the way it rides- the slack head angle and low bototm bracket makes it feel like a small, light DH rig- and conseqeuntly rails turns like nothing I’ve ridden with less than 6in of travel. And judging by the way it still winks at me, I shall be doing so for a fair while yet.


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