Snow chance by Jane Bentley

After balmy temperatures in January, we're into barmy snowstorms for February. 

After balmy temperatures in January, we’re into barmy snowstorms for February. 

After balmy temperatures in January, we’re into barmy snowstorms for February. As you read this I am holed up in Wales. A good 6in of crisp and crunchy white stuff has caused havoc on the hills, my car is well and truly buried, and the only solution is to hunker down inside, boot up the kettle and sit it out.


By rights I should be at my desk in the WMB office putting the finishing touches to the next issue’s front cover. Instead I’ve got my laptop, intermittent broadband connection and a whole lot of unexpected dream time.

A quick check out the window – and the flakes are still falling. Phone calls to the office and email means I’m not wholly out of touch, but at the same time I’m deliciously unavailable.

I suddenly have time to really stick my nose into the piles of scrawled ideas in notebooks, and read the many magazines, bike and travel brochures littering the lounge. Destinations, designs, riding images – all floating under my nose and sparking a trillion new ideas we can turn into great features in the magazine.

For example, I read in a snowboard mag somewhere that they’ve invented electric boot warmers for girls. Now just IMAGINE how great that would be in bike shoesâ¦

Are you stuck in the snow? Let’s hear what you’re up to.


PS. If you’ve got any burning ideas, something you’d like to see in WMB, or great plans on riding adventures to be had this year, I’m all ears, and going nowhere⦠So let’s hear it!