Sold! The MBUK signed tee is off to a new home

When we put it on eBay we didn't expect this...

All those signatures - lovely

Blimey. When we put our signed MBUK tee up for auction on eBay we knew it would attract some interest.


And you guys didn’t disappoint. After a stonking 23 bids over 10 days the final selling price was…

Wait for it…

£109.60!!! Yep, that’s right. For the same price as a cheap return to Malaga (probably) one lucky reader has got himself a piece of mountain biking history.

We thought our top bidder might be a local bike shop, or a brand that fancied winning themselves kudos points by sticking the tee on their office wall.

But no, it’s gone to a teenager who’s so into riding he simply HAD to have it. Hey, we all know that feeling. More on him in our next ish.

Our art ed Jamer, who did the leg work getting our tee signed by all the top pros at BikeRadar Live, certainly wasn’t chuffed to be giving it up.

It’s all in a good cause though. The cash raised will be matched by our bosses here at Future Publishing, and the whole lot passed onto Nottingham youth project Catch 22, who work with kids in disadvantaged parts of the city, getting them into bikes.

Our first eBay charity auction’s gone so well we’re already hatching plans for the next one, so watch this space for another in the autumn…


You can buy unsigned versions of the MBUK/ Any Forty tee at our special online shop.