Spoiler alert!

If you don't want to know the result of the Olympic Women's Road Race look away.

Golden girl!

I’ll admit I was worried by the Cooke Until Golden headline we used in the current issue of Cycling Plus. More often than not sticking a cheesy headline on an interview with a top athlete, and then putting their picture on the cover, is a curse…


I interviewed triathlete Simon Lessing before the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. At the time he was the world’s best triathlete, and he came across as a fella bound to win. So I said so and, if memory serves he finished 11th! Four year’s later, the mag I worked on put Paula Radcliffe on the pre-Olympic cover and, well, it didn’t work out too well for her either.


So, well done Nicole Cooke – despite my best efforts she’s now Olympic Champion. And boy, doesn’t she deserve it. Forget Cav for a minute – he’ll get his chance later – Nicole has been winning big bike races away from the glare of publicity for years. After battling dreadful conditions – brilliantly assisted by GB teammates Emma Pooley and Sharon Laws – Cooke chased down every move, gritted her teeth and pushed hard in the last 200 metres to grab Gold. She might not have been moving as fast as Cavendish at the Tour de France, but I can’t think of a more nail-biting finale to a bike race in ages. Brilliant stuff Nicole!