Spoilsports Personality of the Year


Itâs a wet morning for cycling. Still, it was good to get a few miles in to blow away the cobwebs after a night in watching last nightâs BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Speaking of which⦠First, congratulations to Zara Philips. Three day eventing world champion â an impressive achievement. But⦠what about the coverage of Nicole Cooke? Itâs traditional that members of the smaller sports communities bemoan the lack of coverage their stars get on Sports Personality of the Year, but itâs absolutely justified here. Nicoleâs achievements over the past 12 months have been incredible. Adrian Charles, usually an excellent presenter, spent all of two minutes speaking to the best female road cyclist on the planet, half of that time asking her whether or not she fell off a lot. I mean⦠come on! We shouldnât be surprised. Take rower Steve Redgrave, one of the best (maybe even THE best) sportsmen Britain has ever produced. He had to win five Olympic gold medals before he was finally voted Sports Personality of the Year. Apparently, four Olympic golds just wasnât enough. Oh well, maybe if Nicole stays at the top for just another 20 years sheâll get some sort of public recognition too. Rant over!