Stiff as a board …

Team MBUK are feeling the burn of the Clic24

Hydration: essential.

Well, that’s it – Clic24 DONE! Jamer and I managed a total of 110 miles between us and the Just Giving totalizer is now hovering at the £455 mark which doesn’t include Gift Aid or a donation from our very generous employer. Not bad work, eh?


We even managed not to fall off, neither long-term bike broke down and despite the cold and wet weather we left the Mendips with massive smiles on our faces. Getting out of chairs is still a bit of a struggle but we’re both taking tentative steps to getting back on the bikes again.

Three hundred and fifty riders took part in total, 17,600 miles were chalked and some solo mentalist even managed a terrifying 23 laps! All that and the event raised a whopping £30,000.


You can read the full story in an MBUK hitting news-stands near you very soon …