EXCLUSIVE! Elka shock testing....

Suspension is big business and one of the most crucial factors in making bikes go fast….er. Distribution giants Silverfish UK have taken on Elka shocks this year so we went down to sunny Cornwall to find out more.


The plan for the day was to get the new Elka Stage 5 shock plugged onto our long term test rig, the Rocky Mountain Flatline Pro, and head to the hills (Gawton to be exact) for a few cheeky runs.

With the bike in the workstand and bacon butties in hand, fettling began and before long, a new, fully tuned Elka shock was sitting aboard the Rocky ready to go.

On the way we stopped by to see the guys at Dartmoor Cycles to find out a little more about the many rumours floating around about Gawton‘s future. Word from the top is that they have recently secured £115,000 of funding that will go towards the construction of a new track and possibly even pump track, someone to maintain the tracks up there along with a nice new visitor centre! How good is that! 

Gawton is a great venue for anyone with a passion for gravity assisted riding. The three tracks never fail to impress and on the day, the conditions were perfect with just enough grip in all the right places. We headed into the woods to see how the new shock would perform. Initial impressions were extremely promising. Effective adjustment, good control and sensitive. We won’t go into too much detail right now as there’s going to be a full review in MBUK very soon. 


Riding was great and the shock didn’t disappoint. Big thanks to Pete, Raul and all the team at Silverfish UK. Like we mentioned earlier, keep you’re eyes out for the full test in the near future.