Team BikeRadar’s Neil Donoghue on the world cup race in Oz

Nosebleed, no hill and nice jumps

A section of the track

I have just got back from the world cup race in oz, which turned out to be a bit of a mixed event, really.


The track was really good fun at the top with rock gardens and loads of nice jumps, but it was pretty flat and a tiny hill. The last sprint was 45 seconds long and bang flat, the track was only two and a half minutes long, so the sprint made up almost a third of the track!

But I have to say it was still a pretty awesome event, the crowd that turned out to watch were pretty loud and I even got heckled in practice. I got a puncture up near the start and as I was rolling down the track someone was kind enough to inform me Rachel Atherton had done that bit twice as fast!

The race turned out ok for me, I had a bit of an issue in the actual race but still managed to get 18th and some pretty good points. Just as I was being called up for the start hut I got a massive nose bleed and had to do the most pedally race of the year just breathing out of my mouth and choking on blood. Nice. I blame Beaumont, I tried his method of sniffing Olbas oil to clear my sinuses as I warmed up. Never again!