Team Cycling Plus-Kay Bowen

In training for the West Wight Tri

Kay prepares for her next triathlon

Team Cycling Plus will be updating you each week with the highs and lows of their training as part of the team. This week Kay gets excited…


Team member: Kay Bowen

36 year old Kay from Southampton is a very active person. She overcame thyroid cancer last year which has inspired her to try a whole host of new activities, including sailing, tennis, skiing and triathlons. As a triathlete, she already does a lot of cycling, but is keen to work on this aspect of her training. Her goals are to sustain longer distances and to go on a cycling holiday

After a complicated emailing conversation with Wiggle, and a box arriving to put my bike in, the lovely Wiggle man agreed that Rob could drive there as it is near his work and sit in the car park while they took my bike into their top secret workshop full of elves and replace the forks. It was like Christmas day, as when he arrived home he not only had my bike for a happy reunion but also a new Verenti branded set of bib shorts and a top, which I was so excited about that I wanted to wear them to bed.  I have never been a big clothes shopper, and only recently remembered that you could buy clothes and shoes in places other than Sainburys and Tescos. But I am beginning to see how cyclists get excited about gadgets, apparel, spokes and other bits in ways that some women do about shoes. I was asked to stick my leg in the air in the manner of a horse being shod today for a man in a farm shop to look at my cleats. I only went in to buy a peach, not be measured up for a saddle. On to the cycling.

Sunday I found myself in Wales, and went along to a ‘cycle circuits’ class at a nearby Esporta. It was tough but fun, a short sharp shock in the morning and I worked hard on the bikes, with gears set to simulate a tough climb. I followed that with a swim, and as it is a 25m pool, Rob suggested I time myself to get a realistic time for the 600m swim for West Wight Tri. I was delighted with 14.45 as I had put down 17 minutes, so will need to renegotiate a swim slot as that is how they decide your start time in triathlons in pools, the quicker you are, the later you start. If I got really good at swimming I could be finished before I started.

I really enjoyed my two hour training ride on Saturday morning with Claire, she has entered herself for the West Wight too and we did 49km in just under two hours with as many hills as I could find, as the Isle of Wight is hilly and I think we need to be well prepared. Claire is a very fit PE teacher and ex basketball player and has done triathlons for a while so is a great training partner, although even she managed to fall off her bike sideways whilst we were going nowhere. I think she did it to encourage me. I stopped at the farm shop a mile from home and bought a banana and a peach from the ‘slightly over ripe’ box for 20p! That was bargain refuelling, cheaper than energy bars! After leaving my bike at home I did a transition to a run, 7.5km, down to the sailing club, where in a yet further complicated ordeal of logistics for Rob he was meeting me with my gym bag, which had a change of clothes in it. Rob was there, but the bag was at home, so I sat sweating gently for a couple of hours in my running kit, glad of the sea breeze to waft the odour away. Apologies if you live on the Isle of Wight and wondered what the smell was. 

Despite not getting in my usual hours early on in the week, due to visitors and  sports days and concerts, I am really pleased with how I have used the time I have had to get some great effort going in my training. Its the school summer holidays now, so we have a freer timetable to get in those hours doing all three disciplines. 

Who are Team Cycling Plus?


Team Cycling Plus powered by Verenti are readers Andy Ward, Kay Bowen, Malcolm Ratcliffe and Sam Shaw. We’ll be following them in the magazine for the next few months as they train towards their personal cycling goals under the guidance of Team Wiggle’s Ben Simmons and we will be publishing their weekly trials and tribulations here too. For regular updates check our twitter page and the Team Cycling Plus facebook page.