Team MBUK fuel up!

Two greedy idiots go shopping...

Jamer demolishing Sainsbury's.

Jamer and I are now one sleep away from rocking up at the Clic24 and so far the preparations are going swimmingly!


My GT Zaskar Expert is looking fresher than the day it came out of the box whilst Jamer has ignored prepping his bike and instead has been out to Sainsbury’s.

Here’s an example of just some of the stuff the pocket dyanmo managed to procure…

 – Red Bull shots, syrup, oats, Oreo’s, chocolate digestives, more syrup, coffee, cookies, syrup. Can you see a trend emerging?

Anyway, sugary consumables aside, the fund-raising is going pretty well too. This afternoon we strolled through the £300 barrier. If we had more time we’d build a totalizer! Remember them? No? Ok…

If you fancy helping us help out Clic Sargent who raise money for kids with cancer then visit our Just Giving site. Donating couldn’t be easier, even if it’s just a few quid it all makes a difference and will give us that extra little bit of encouragement to destroy ourselves.


Tune in tomorrow for more pre-race dread.