Team MBUK in disarray!

Our Clic24 team suffers two massive non-volcano related setbacks...

Jamer. Less than stoked.

Team MBUK’s four-man Clic24 enduro super-team was rocked early this morning by the announcement of two shock retirements.


Publisher Dave ‘The Pace’ Clutterbuck and token Welshman Matthew ‘The Giraffe’ Cole have both pulled out, leaving numbers depleted by approximately 50 percent.

“It’s an upsetting turn of events but one from which we just have to move on and take strength from,” team member Ric McLaughlin told us. “We could curl up in the corner and cry and blame it on an erupting volcano or something but that’s not going to get us anywhere.”

The loss of Clutterbuck and Cole leaves the MBUK roster ‘boasting’ only staff writer McLaughlin and art ed Jamer ‘Jimmy J’ Blackwell. Scientists predict that the dramatic reductions will see the dyanmic duo with about 12 hours each to complete.

“It doesn’t affect I too much, see?” Blackwell told us. “I loves it.”

More as the situation develops.


See how the boys get on in an MBUK heading your way soon. In the meantime, check out all the news from the Clic24 race here.