Team Sharp4Prostate take on the RAAM

Over 2000-miles down, four-and-a-half days in the saddle, but still going strong!

Team Sharp4Prostate

The days are now all merging into each other as we are into the cycle of 9 hours on 9 hours off. The days are hot, around 95 degrees as we go through Kansas and now Missouri. We have passed the first solo riders who set off on Wednesday. All respect to those guys. If we are mad then they are the masters of insanity.


We are trying to stick to our race plan and ride to a pace rather than compete with every team. On the road. Its easy to get drawn into the red and then you are blown. We have completed around 1700 miles currently and have the challenge of the Appalachians ahead.

The crew are holding together and make a massive difference for the riders. Any slight deviation off course hits the rider hugely, so to have such a competent crew makes all the difference. Part of this crew are our US drivers, Coaster and Eddie. They are also real stars who have integrated themselves into the crew, Eddie is a poker playing ex-marine and Coaster is a west coast dude.

So at the moment we are on course to hit our target, but there are many miles to go.

Team Sharp4Prostate are four self-confessed middle aged men – Paul Molyneux, Karl Chandler, Dan Broom and Adam Denton – who are to tackle this year’s 3000-mile Race Across America (RAAM) in a bid to raise £100,000 for The Prostate Cancer Charity. To check on their current position click here. You can follow them on Twitter too – click here!


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